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                110817 ... Commission Meeting Notice and Agenda
                101117 ... LV Hi-Rise Assn Mtg & a Really Serious Warning
                100417 ... Northern Nevada Blood Drives ... Urgent!
                092017 ... 2018 Summer RNO CAM Schedule
                091517 ... Fall CAM and LV Legislative Update
                082517 ... August CIC Agenda
                082017 ... New Insurance Class Approved
                                   ... CAMEO Class
                                   ... Statute Books - Pre-Licensing Classes LV
                080717 ... Revised Reno CAM Schedule
                080717 ... Southern NV Health District - Announcement re: Pools
                071917 ... Couple of Things - Meeting Locations
                070617 ... What Passed this Legislation Period.

Library ... New articles listed by Section and Article

10-2017   Elections ... Election by Acclimation
10-2017   Homeowners ... Dealing with Difficult and Unsavory People in the HOA
08-2017     Board Members ... Duties of Officers

07-2017     Board Members ... 6 Things for New Condo Directors to Know in Nevada
     Insurance ... Reading Insurance Policies
01-2017     Insurance ... Cyber Insurance
11-2016     Minutes - Meeting Minutes ... Important UPDATE
08-2016     Meetings - Common Interest Community Meetings and Firearms

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2017 Statute Books ....

As most of you know, statute books for the current legislative session are not available until the end of the legislature year and sometimes not until the beginning of the following year. It takes that much time following the end of the session to have the new laws make their trek through the process of review and final coding.  As such, the 2017 Statute Books should be available at the end of 2017. We take orders in the order in which they are received. Payment in advance is required.
2015 Books - Not many are left.

Managers and Directors:

It is very important that you check Unclaimed Property with the Nevada State Treasurer's Office. With the change in Registered Agents and Managers, it needs to be checked annually. Please go to this link and check out your association(s) now. A number of large associations in Nevada have discovered significant property/money that was unclaimed.


Nevada State Contractors Board ...

At the link below, you are able to see if a contractor is properly licensed and if there are any violations levied against them. Check out all contractors before you allow them to bid. Go to NAC 624 to see what each license is allowed to do. Classifications start at NAC 624.140.



Insurance Checklist

Download the latest Insurance Checklist for HOA's

also see ... "Insurance Terminology


NRS 116A.410 Provides for the Real Estate Division Licensing Supervisor, Susan Clark, to award the Temporary Community Manager Certificate if she feels that the applicant is qualified. Many people get discouraged when they read the 1st section that talks about who they MUST allow to get one. This does not mean that these individuals are the only ones who will be approved.

Directors who have served on their board for many years and who have shown that they have been doing the job of a community manager, without pay, have been awarded the license.

The advantage of this license is that the applicant will not have to work under a Supervisory Community Manager ever. The disadvantage of this license is that they will not work under the direction of a Supervisory Community Manager (SU). I think that the SU can provide a real service to the newly licensed individual as they will be teaching them the things that are impossible in the pre-licensing 60 hour classes to be taught.

One of the first critics of the 60 hour classes was a man who said that “Sara doesn’t teach the students how to take minutes, how to file or how to do those day to day activities that the manager needs to know.” No kidding. In the 60 hours pre-licensing classes, Nevada law dictates what must be taught and there is no time for the things that would be nice to teach for the new manager. Almost every single person who has obtained the Temporary License has taken the 27 hours that are detailed for this license only to realize what they don’t know and continue to take all 60 hours. These are even PCAM’s from other states who felt like they knew it all.

Be aware that the Temporary License is not one of the favorite licenses of the Real Estate Division and particularly where the person does not work for at least the same company. Careful analysis should be done before recommending that someone get this license and depending on their experience, recommend that they take the full 60 hours vs. the 27 buried in the 60 hours of classes. The law calls for 18, but there are currently no classes that will satisfy that provision.

For more information, you can go to http://red.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/rednvgov/Content/Forms/659.pdf to see the application and instruction.

"Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities" Principles for Homeowners and Community Leaders

More than a destination at the end of the day, a community is a place people want to call home and where they feel at home. This goal is best achieved when homeowners, non-owner residents and association leaders recognize and accept their rights and responsibilities. This entails striking a reasonable balance between the preferences of  individual homeowners and the best interests of the community as a whole. It is with this challenge in mind that Community Associations Institute (CAI) developed Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities ... link to article

These articles are part of "Board Member Basics" which can be found on the CAI website (see below) and provide a basic understanding regarding the governance and management of hoas and condos. Those new to the industry and those who might want a refresher will find it very helpful. Link to Board Member Basics

Please visit CAI Online. These helpful articles and many more can be found on www.caionline.org and are available to anyone. However, as a member, you will have additional access to numerous other sources of information and guidance as a Community Association  Industry leader.  


How many of your companies and/or associations have adopted a Code of Ethics? If you have officially adopted a Code of Ethics, try sending it out with the RFPs to get the bidding parties to understand that if they want your business they must play by the rules and be ethical as well. I do understand that everyone was raised differently. That means that everyone came in to the job with a different "internal" code of ethics, but our industry needs to do everything that we can to clean up the perceptions and the actualities of the perceived ethics (or lack of ethics) within the industry. If any of you have adopted Codes of Ethics for your members of the board or for your community managers and want to share, I will post samples on the web-site to help up make a concerted effort in this area. Thanks for any help you are willing to give.

The "CLOUD" What is the Cloud?

All we hear about lately is "the Cloud". Put your data in the Cloud. The Cloud is the place to be. It is your safety net. Everything you do should and will soon be in the Cloud.

Be very careful. This is nothing more than a new term applied to the maze that's out there called the Internet. There is nothing new. Since security of personal data on the Internet has become a front page issue, it's easier to put a new face on the culprit. For those who don't know, the Internet is nothing more than a world-wide interconnected maze of computers mostly connected via satellite and other forms of wireless communications. In this world of interconnected computers, a file, an email or text message sent by you to someone in the US will most likely get routed in anything but a straight line to get to it's destination. You might be surprised and shocked to find out where your communications pass through.

Companies involved in the internet and communications industry are less than concerned about the safety of your data. This is a highly competitive industry and companies are always trying to be on the leading edge with software and hardware technology to keep ahead of the other guy. Most of this technology, when introduced to the marketplace, is relatively untested particularly when it comes to the safety of your personal data. There is only one person who must take the steps to TRY and protect their personal data as it wanders out in to the Cyber World of the Internet maze of interconnected computers. ... that one person is YOU. If you don't feel you have the expertise to do this, talk to the IT person in your company. There are also numerous articles on the Web that speak to this issue. Search for "Internet Security", "Protecting my data on the Internet", "Personal data and Social Web Sites", etc. Check the source of the information and go for it! .. "Cloud Computing" is another topic for discussion at a later date.


Beware of the Dangers and Risks associated with so called "Social Networking Sites" on the Internet. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and other such sites offer much to those who wish constant contact with others in their personal or work circles. These sites, however, are key targets for Identity Theft. Most people are unaware of the exposure. Simple things said, photos posted, comments made, etc can also find their way to people and (employers) who may monitor these sites. THIS IS HAPPENING! More and more companies are monitoring this information on in-house systems and on the social sites themselves. Remember ... Once it's posted out there in the Cyber world of the Internet, it's accessible to anyone who wants to see it and the tools to do this are quite readily available. Facebook is only one site that has been the target of a number of charges having having to do with exposing, if not selling, personal information on members. Besides this type of threat, just having an open account, without tight privacy controls, on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites can allow anyone to search for information on you.

Just as any wired or wireless communication is open to hackers, information on social sites and throughout the internet is highly vulnerable to theft. Beware of this danger and know the site you plan to use. Thoroughly investigate the options and settings page so that you can severely limit the site's ability to share your data. The Internet is a dangerous place for personal data. Know the dangers and beware when using Social Networking on the Internet.

Urgent Management Company Notice - Cyber Crime Targeting Association Accounts

If you have access to your clients banks accounts (the association's accounts) and have to enter a user name and password to get into those accounts, please be aware of the latest scam.  Individuals have realized the amount of money in HOA operating and reserve accounts and that management companies transfer money into and out of those accounts. These cyber criminals are able to attach some type of spy ware that captures the user name and password when it is entered.  They then transfer the money out of the accounts to an account out of the United States and the money is gone with no recovery.  Since a valid User Name and Password  had to be entered the bank may not be responsible.  

Please schedule meetings with your bankers and insurance agents and this is a serious issues that has just surfaced and you need to look at solutions.  The Bankers are working on it as well, but are your systems vulnerable.  This is very sophisticated crime and you need to make sure that your systems have sophisticated  protections.

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This is the site where you can go to report threats made against you on the Internet (such as through email) or if you are harassed.


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This site is dedicated to those volunteers who serve on the boards and committees of a Common Interest Community and others who provide services to this industry. It is the dedicated and committed members of these two groups who make the community association concept work regardless of all of the forces striving to make it fail. These people need all of the help they can get. It is the intention of those developing this site and others associated with it to provide that help. We hope to accomplish this by providing useful information, tools and support.

Home Invasions

You can prevent or at least minimize the chance of suffering a Home invasion. This new article in the "Library" is worth reading and sending out to all homeowners. ...

Quote That Will Always Hold True

Managing The Community Association

For those new to the industry, Community Association Management has often been a thankless job for both layman and professional. Whether an association is managed by volunteer board members or by a Professional Community Association Manager, the job is the same, long hours and less than adequate, if any, remuneration. Over time, this fact has become ever so more evident as law making bodies, a litigious society and more difficult people make the job even more challenging. As passing time unveils its surprises, we are likely to realize even greater changes within the industry .. some good, some not so good. As a result, we will see constantly evolving challenges for volunteers and the professionals who work with them. With this ever changing and challenging environment also comes ever increasing liability for volunteer and professional alike and while most management professionals are prepared for these challenges and the resulting liability exposures, most volunteer board members are not. It behooves the professional and the volunteer alike to seek out the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves and the people they serve. This site is dedicated to that purpose.

... Not DUES!!

Many individuals in the Common Interest Industry still refer to the fees paid by an owner as DUES. These fees are not dues, but ASSESSMENTS. Owners pay assessments to any state agency on their property and realize that if they do not pay these assessments their home can be taken away. This is no different from associations. Community Managers and members of the board do their owners a disservice when they refer to Assessments as Dues. Terminology is important in any industry and proper use of the term "Assessment" is critical in the CIC industry.


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