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Internet Crime Center Site

Federally Insured Credit Unions
Fireplace Cleaning
Housing for Older Persons (over 55)
Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act

Common Interest Community Industry Groups
CAI - Community Association Institute
(Portions of the site are inaccessible to non-members)


State of Nevada

Corporation Search Nevada
Fair Housing Testing Organization
Find Your Legislator

Fight Fraud on Foreclosures and Other Issues
Is Your Bank Authorized to do Business in Nevada?
Nevada Secretary of State
        SoS Forms
Prime Interest Rates - NV
Resident Agent Form
Silver State Fair Housing

State Supreme Court Decisions
What is My District?
Who is My Legislator and Find My Legislator




        Henderson GIS System - Find an HOA


Clark County
        Assessor Records and Maps
Douglas County
Elko County
Lyon County
Nye County
Storey County
Washoe County

        Neighborhood Mediation Center - Washoe
        Reno Animal Control - Code (under Title 8)
        Washoe County Animal Control
Washoe County Assessor's Search Site


Nevada Real Estate Division - NRED

Notice: We believe that all of the links associated with the NVRED have been fixed following the Division's changes to their website resulting in all of the links below being broken. Please notify us if you find broken links. (updated: 07.07.15)


Nevada Real Estate Division
License Look-up (Managers, Reserve Specialists, etc)
Supervisory Community Manager Application (617)
Information Bulletin 017 - What a Non-Licensed Manager Can Do in a CIC
Community Manager Testing Site

Common Interest Community Forms (NRED)
        Overview of the ADR Process (523)
        ADR Claim Form (520)
        ADR Additional Claimant Form (520a)

        ADR Additional Respondent Form (520b)

        ADR Additional Respondent Answer Form (521)
ADR Mediator/Arbitrator Application Form (522)
Association Name Change Form (646)
        Association Registration - First Time Registration (603)

        Annual Association Registration for the Association (562)

        Before you Purchase in a Common Interest Community Letter (584)

        Before you Purchase in a Condominium Hotel Letter (584a)

        Board Member Certification Document - 90 days After Election (602)

        Board, Manager, Attorney Change, etc Form (623)

        Candidate Disclosure Statement (850)
        Change in Board, Manager, Attorney, etc Form (623)
Community Manager Application for License (559)

        Community Manager or Supervisory CAM Change Form (616)
        Provisional Community Manager Change Form (616A)
        Community Manager Application for Reinstatement Form (621)
Community Manager Certificate Disassociation Form (634)
Community Manager License History Request (632)
Community Manager License Renewal Form (630)

        Community Manager Temporary License Form (659)
Community Manager Course Renewal Form (645)
Continuing Education Application to Submit a Class to Commission (579)
Continuing Education Evaluation form for the Students (579a)
Supervising Community Manager (617)

        Statement of Fact Form Against a Community Manager (514a)

        Director Change Form & Board Change Form (623)

        Fingerprinting Vendors (619)

        Instructor Form for Teaching CE Classes (635)
Master Association Roster Form (620)
        Ombudsman's Intervention Affidavit and Instructions (530)
Ombudsman Intervention Reopening Affidavit Form & Instruction Page (605)

        Reserve Study Summary Form (609)
Limited Purpose Rural Agricultural Exemption Form (651)
Seller's Real Property Disclosure Form (547)


  << LINK to Nevada RED Forms Page for Other Forms >>
Common Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels (CICCH)

Division Advisory Opinions
Commission Meetings & Agendas
Common Interest Community Page

Looking for Community Manager CE classes?
CAM Pre-Certification & CE Class Providers & Calendar

Statutes & Regulations
NRS-116 - Common Interest Ownership (Uniform Act)
NRS-116A - Common Interest Communities: Regulation of Managers & Other Personnel
NRS-116B - Condominium Hotel Act
NAC-116 - Management of Common Interest Community
Regulation Changes

Non-Profit Corporations - NRS-82
Towing of Vehicles - NRS-487
Public Swimming Pools - NRS-444.065
Solid Waste (Garbage) Disposal - NRS-444.440
All Other Key Statutes and Regulations

Brochures (CICCH) 
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Association Directors as Decision Makers
Before You Purchase in a CIC
Guidelines for Secret Written Ballots
HOA Election Process
HOA Registration
Ombudsman Conference Program
Understanding Homeowner Association Meetings

Common Interest Community Industry Groups (Nevada)

CAI - Nevada Office - 6135 Harrison Drive, Suite 3, Las Vegas, Nevada
702-648-8408 ph, 702-240-9690 fax
Email:   Website:


CAMEO - Community Association Executive Officers

Keri Hawkins - Executive Director

Mail Address: 9101 W. Sahara Ave., Ste 105-J24, Las Vegas, NV  89117

Office: 702-522-8912, Cell: 702-375-1970, Fax: 702-974-1027

Email:   Website:

NACM - Navada Association of Community Managers

Executive Director: Michelle Nieto-Deck, SCM, CM
Mail Address: P.O. Box 35758
Las Vegas, NV 89133
Office: 702.951.1411 Email:  Website:



Legal Resources


John Leach

Leach Johnson Song & Gruchow

8945 W. Russell Road, #330

Las Vegas, Nevada  89148

Ph: 702-538-9074

Fx: 702-538-9113

Email: or



Michael Schulman

3556 E. Russell Rd, Suite 200

Las Vegas, Nevada 89120
702-341-5200 ph, 

702-341-5300 fax
Email:  Website:


Consulting, Mediation, Management & Association Operations Audits, Training & Education


Sara Barry PCAM CMCA CAM Paralegal, Mediator
Community Association Solutions (CASolutions)
702-249-0944 ph, 

702-487-6724 fax


Additional States as Requests Warrant

Arizona Association of Community Managers
Arizona Statutes - See "Title 33 - Property" - contains various chapters applicable to CIDs.
Arizona Corporations - "Title 10 - Corporations"

Arizona Full List of Statutes

Real Estate - Title 57
Title 57- Chapter 08 - Condominium Ownership Act
All Utah Laws -  

    Under Colorado Revised Statutes - Select Title 38 and go to appropriate Articles.
        Condominium Ownership Act - Title 38 Article 33

        Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act - Title 38 Article 33.3
    Link to Colorado Revised Statutes




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