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ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act Drug addiction
ANIMALS & PETS Allowing Pets in a No-Pet Community Is a Reasonable Accommodation
Are animals the problem or are people?
Problem dogs & your rights
ANNUAL MEETINGS (see MINUTES below) Holding successful annual meetings.
APATHY 10 ways to destroy your association
Is apathy a problem in your association?
ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Common sense and be reasonable!
Satellite Dishes
ASSOCIATION ASSETS - SECURITY Are your assets secure?


Do you know where your documents are?
Does size really matter?

Master vs.-sub association
Social Bicycles and HUD Issues ... 2016
The Value of the Dedicated Com Assoc Leader

Thinking of Purchasing in an HOA?
Welcoming New Residents .

Why do I live in an association?
ATTORNEYS Attorneys - Finding the Right One
AVOIDING LITIGATION When facing disputes
BANKS - BORROWING - INVESTING Borrowing for reserve expenses ...?
BIDS & RFP'S Requests for Proposals
BOARD MEMBERS & OFFICERS 6 Things for new Condo Directors to Know in Nevada
7 Steps to limit board liability
Absentee owners and renters
Allowing owner input
the ART of Listening
Annual Planning Checklist for the Board
Authority vs. Responsibility
Basic legal documents
Board of Directors vs. Officers
But I want to make a motion - Yes presidents can vote!
Choosing Your HOA Meeting Location ... 2016
Do I have what it takes to be a board member?
Do you have an anger problem?
Duties of Officers
Fiduciarys and Financial Responsibility ... 2016
Fiduciary Duty Resolution ... 2015
Frequent Mistakes made by New Board Members
How serious is your signature on that document?
Just Elected to the board! ... 2016
How to keep meetings on track
Maintaining Control
Motions vs. Resolutions
Problem board members
Roles and Responsibilities - Key Players ... 2015
Running Successful Com Interest Communities ... 2015
Sample Agenda
So now you're on the board - Checklist
Ten Mistakes Your Board Should Avoid
The board president is out of control 
To be or not to be ETHICAL
Transparency Doesn't Bite
What is the Difference Between Officers and Directors?
Why Should You Listen to Your Com Mgr?  
You're on the board now!
BUDGETS Budgets anyone? - CASolutions
Budget Cover Letter ... 2015
Overview of budgets & reserves

Preventive maintenance
BULLYING Bullying Rule - 2017
CHILD CARE Child care in the HOA
CHIMNEYS Fireplace & chimney cleaning
COLLECTIONS Equal Liens ... 2016
Foreclosures - Collections View

Foreclosures - Legal View
HOA Collections

Outcomes to an association foreclosure sale
COMMITTEES Committee Charters
Committee Phobia
Roles and Responsibilities
COMMUNICATION (Newsletters, etc) Communications
Communications - Owners ... 120516
E-Delivery of Association Communications

Home Invasions
COMMUNITY Absentee owners and renters
Building a sense of community
CONTRACTORS (& Independent) Selecting sources of information
NV Contractors Board Recommendations 08-201
So You Think You're an Independent Contrator ... 121316
CONTRACTOR'S BOARD Contractor's Board Information
CONTRACTS Contracts and the Basics
Managing the Management Contract
DEVELOPER TRANSITION Common problems and solutions
Transition Committee Charter
Transition Checklist ... 2015

DIFFICULT PEOPLE Dealing with difficult people - S. Barry
DISCLOSURES Disclosures in the resale process
When facing disputes
DOCUMENTS Copies of Articles of Incorporation Guide ... 2016
The Importance of Signed Covenants
DRONES Article on Drones in the Association ... 2016
ELECTIONS & VOTING Election by Acclimation
Meet the Candidates Night
Proxies - carrying them forward

Proxy holder
Nomination for Director - Disclosure Form 
EMPLOYEES Helping to create the perfect summer
Employee or Independent Contract? ... 2016
Summer help
Emergency Plan
Involvement of the association
Breach of Peace - NRS 203.010 ... 2016
Business in the home?
Fence Roller Policy ... 2015
Record Retention
Motions vs Resolutions
ENVIRONMENT - GOING GREEN Electric Powered Cars in the Community
ETHICS Ethical Consideration
Ethics in Our Community
Fair Housing
Reasonable Accomodation?
FINANCIAL ISSUES IN THE CIC Bankruptcy petitions? Be prepared!
Basics of financial statements.
Borrowing for reserve expenses .. ?
Budget committee anyone?
Tax Filing - 1120 vs 1120H?
GATED COMMUNITIES Guard Gated & Process Servers
HARASSMENT Harassment of Board Members and Management
HOMEOWNERS Are You One of "Those" Homeowners?
Hoarding Issues in CIDs.

3 D's of Burglary Prevention
10 reasons to volunteer for the association
Dealing with difficult people
Dealing with difficult and Unsavory People in the HOA ... Oct 2017
Dealing w/problem owners at bd meetings
Harassment of board members/management
Increasing Property Values ...2017
How to enjoy your new home
Why homeowners can face financial harm ... 2016
Cyber Insurance ... Jan 2017
Claims Made vs Occurrence Based
Dogs Bites and Rising Claims ... April 2017
D&O - Two Biggest Mistakes ... 2016
Loss assessment insurance
Liability of not having adequate insurance
Use of State Contractors Board - NV
When your D&O doesn't cover you!
Why Reading the Entire Insurance Policy is SO Important ... 2017
Workers Comp Anatomy (Flow Chart)
INSURANCE - RISK MANAGEMENT What is Risk Assessment & Risk Management?
Risk Management Worksheet
LANDSCAPE Artificial Turf & Lead
Finding a qualified landscaper
High desert living
Landscape Maintenance Associations
Northern Nevada gardening

Trees are valuable assets & add value
the Value of Good Landscaping
LAW SUITS - LITIGATION Avoiding Litigation
Washing machine hoses
LEASING & BUYING REAL ESTATE Leasehold vs Fee Simple
LEGISLATION RELATED ARTICLES Board of Directors vs Officers
Effective Advocacy
... 2016
MAILINGS - OFFICIAL Mailings - Hardcopy vs Electronic (email)?
... checklists
... articles
... proceedures
Chimney cleaning
Clothes dryer vent cleaning

Community Management vs Property Management
Federal Tot Lot Inspection
Fireplace and chimney cleaning
Gutters and drainage
Preventive maintenance
Use of State Contractors Board - NV
Washing machine hoses
Who should develop specifications for projects?
MANAGEMENT - Professional 10 roles that managers DON'T play
Checklist-Management Contract - 2016
Manager Key Player - Graphic
the ART of listening
Professional management
Should you be calling your manager a property manager?
Step by step guide to hiring a management company
MANAGEMENT - Self Self Management of the CIC
MEDIA & the PRESS Handling the Media
MEETINGS (see MINUTES below) Agenda - Who sets the agenda Resolutions
Allowing owner input
Choosing Your HOA Meeting Location ... 2016
Common Interest Community Meetings and Firearms ... 2016
Disturbing a meeting
Holding successful annual meetings.
Maintaining control
Motions vs Resolutions
Weapons at Meetings - CCWs ... 2016
MINUTES Do your minutes protect you? ... 112916 ... UPDATE!
PAINTING Updating your paint pallet
PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES How to keep meetings on track - SEB
Robert's Rules Resolution ...2015
POOLS & SPAS (& water features) Splash Pads ... 2016  Additional Info on Splash Pads
Swimming pool laws
Swimming pool safety
NRS-444.065 - Pool Sanitation
NAC-444.280 Smoking and Other Prohibitions
PROBLEM SOLVING the ART of listening 
PROPERTY VALUES Increasing Property Values 
RECORDS Record retention
RECREATION Social Bicycles and HUD ... 2016
RESERVES Borrowing for reserve expenses ... ?
Final reserve study - NRED Report
Reserve planning.
Where to put the money.
RISK MANAGEMENT (See Insurance) What is Risk Assessment & Risk Management?
ROOFS Roof Inspection Checklist
RULES & RESOLUTIONS Fence Roller Policy ... 2015
Resolution Article
SAFETY & SECURITY Broken Windows Theory - Not Just a Theory
Neighborhood Watch in the Common Interest Community
TENANTS Absentee Owners and Their Renters
VOLUNTEERING Why Am I Volunteering My Life Away? 
The Value of the Dedicated Com Assoc Leader
WINDMILLS & WIND TURBINES "Green Movement" - Windmills & Turbines

Community Association Glossary of Terms

Terminology ... or When is a Condominium a Condominium?


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